Once I have the app and paid you in full, do I have to stick with you?

Not at all. You have a lot of options, here are some of them:

  • Stay with us, why not? Our pricing is extremely competitive, we already proven that we can deliver and we know your idea and your product better than anyone else (except for you, obviously). So continuing the product development with Craftus is a great option for both you and us.
  • Continue using our awesome platform, and use the code you already own, but hire a different team to continue the development. That’s totally fine with us, you will have the license to continue building your app without us.
  • Abandon the code you have and switch to a totally different approach to building the future versions of your app. We will be very sorry about that, and ask you a billion questions about what lead you to this decision (you won’t have to answer them), but in the end, it’s your idea and you can do with it whatever you want.