Expanding Reality
Sometimes pie charts are just not enough

We all got used to the standard (and frequently boring) dashboards filled with piecharts, bar charts and scatterplots. But what if what you want to present just doesn't fit the standard 2 dimensions? What if you need to blend your results with the real world? 

Craftus offers a wide spectrum of VR and AR solutions that will make your data pop into reality. Let's take a look at a few examples ...

Marker-based Augmented reality

Marker-based AR is, possibly, the least expensive way to augment reality. All you need is your smartphone (or a tablet or a PC/Mac, anything with a display and a camera that can run a web browser should do) and a special marker generated by our software.

On this page you can see a few visualizations done this way and can try them yourself. They work best when printed on paper and placed on a table, but you can also try pointing your smartphone right at the screen. Just avoid screen glare and extremely high brightness.

We also offer all markers used on this page in a single file, so you can make your AR experience a lot better by just printing that page and cutting it into markers, while making sure that there is at least 1/4″ of white space around them.

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