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Yes, we know it’s pretty basic and doesn’t have much information, but we’re still very proud of it. If you think about how bootstrapped startups work, they typically do not have much time for things like a corporate website. All the time is pumped into getting new projects and keeping the first clients happy, i.e. building someone else’s sites, not their own. Bootstraps also do not have the kind of budget to hire a team of a web designer, graphics editor, content writer and so on for this kind of projects. And yet here we are and our little corporate website along with the nominal, but very real presence in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Github and more (see the footer of any page for the links).

I hope even this very basic MVP version of our website will help you to understand and like our philosophy and, hopefully, realize that you want to deal with the amazing folks of CraftUs!

PS. See, we already made the first post and you still haven’t seen anything about “optimized leveraging of innovative synergy for unique and streamlined world-class curated best practices enabling strategic ROI” on this website. That’s because we speak human and deliver solutions, not buzzwordly presentations.

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