Solving startups eternal problem
Craftus' Special Offer to Startups

Just like you are, we are a startup. That makes us know and feel your paid of raising funds at the very early stages of your business development. We are well aware of the eternal "chicken and egg problem":

  • You need money to build the first version of your software and get the traction
  • But investors won't give you the money until you have the first version of your software and get the traction

So, What's the Offer?

Here is how we can help you:
  • We will implement and host your software and you will only need to pay $100 upfront (i.e., it’s virtually free).
  • You will pay us back when and if you will be able to raise money for your startup
  • If you won’t be able to raise money, you will owe us nothing

Here Are the Answers to Your Questions About This Offer

It’s not, actually. Just like your startup, Craftus is a business and we need to make money to continue building the awesome stuff and helping other startups. So, just like you’re going to make money with your idea, we will need to get paid for the work we do implementing this idea for you. For this reason,
  • You will have to pay us $100 before we start working on your app
  • Once you have the app and used it to get some traction, convinced the investor in funding the continuation of your startup, then you will pay us the rest

It’s all about commitment and knowing your situation

  • If you are not willing to invest even $100, then you are not serious about your business, sorry.
  • And, since you are a startup, saving every penny for your dream project, we don’t have the heart to ask for more.

The exact amount depends on how complex your application is going to be, but, in general, the price will be approximately 30% lower than the market average. We advise you to

  • Find 5-7 software development companies with good reputation
  • Ask them to estimate the cost of building your project
  • Remove the outliers (the most expensive and the cheapest quotes)
  • Calculate the average of what you got
  • Our price tag will be approximately 80% of that number

Depending on the app complexity, it will take approximately 3-8 weeks for the initial version to come alive.

We have a superpower: our proprietary low-code platform that exceeds the capabilities of everything you can find on the market. With this platform we can build a certain class of apps very quickly and, thus, at a very low price point.

You will receive an enterprise-grade fully scalable and customizable app, capable of processing billions of data points, having a sophisticated interface and providing a great user experience. It will have the highest level of security and other attributes of a high quality app. Our platform is unique, because it offers all that and also provides full customizability of all aspects of the app functionality – something other low code platforms can’t do.

We can build any kind of app. However, this offer includes only specific kind of of apps matching this criteria:

  1. It has to be a web-based SaaS system.
  2. It has to be related to data retrieval/collecting, processing, visualization and acting upon.

Besides these two basic requirements, the world is your oyster and we will help you to catch it. Take a look at our projects list to get a better idea of what’s possible.

We can build “Google+Facebook+Twitter, but better”, but this kind of system is not a part of this offer. If you are still interested in working with Craftus towards building something that doesn’t fit this special offer, please contact us and we will discuss the details.

At the moment we can only help US-based startups. If you are in India or any other country of the world, we can still work with you, but you will need to incorporate in the United States first. Create a legal entity in any state of the US (most choose Delaware for that), and then we can work with that entity.

Not at all. You have a lot of options, here are some of them:

  • Stay with us, why not? Our pricing is extremely competitive, we already proven that we can deliver, and we know your idea and your product better than anyone else (except for you, obviously). So continuing the product development with Craftus is a great option for both you and us.
  • Continue using our awesome platform, and use the code you already own, but hire a different team to continue the development. That’s totally fine with us, you will have the license to continue building your app without us.
  • Abandon the code you have and switch to a totally different approach to building the future versions of your app. We will be very sorry about that, and ask you a billion questions about what lead you to this unfortunate decision (you won’t have to answer them), but in the end, it’s your idea and you can do with it whatever you want.

Great question! There is a huge interest for this offer and we, obviously, can’t work on all ideas we’re hearing about. Being a business, we focus on the ideas that have the highest probability of success as soon as possible, so that we can get paid soon too. So, basically, you will need to convince us that your project has a high probability of raising money in the next 6-12 months. Any information that will help you with that is greatly appreciated. Here are some ideas of what could be helpful:

  • You idea should be awesome. Awesome ideas tend to attract investor’s attention faster, right?
  • You should be engaged with the investors. Basically, you should be at the stage when the only thing that stays between your idea and having money raised for it is the first version of the product and the traction. The rest (business plan, deck, first conversations with the investors) should be already done.
  • Your idea should be specific and realistic. Building an “app that works like Google+Facebook+Twitter, but better” is a good example of an idea that’s neither specific, nor realistic for a pre-seed level startup.
  • Being a part of an accelerator is a big plus. Consider joining Founder Institute, YCombinator or any other reputable incubator.
  • You must be committed to your startup idea. If you’re only working on it every other weekend while having a beer with your friend – that’s not gonna work. You can be employed full-time, but still find at least few hours every day to work on your startup.

If we will manage to make you happy about our work, we will also ask you for a testimonial, and also to spread the news about Craftus and this offer. 

We will also offer you the same. Since we’re in touch with many investors, we won’t hesitate to mention your idea to them (unless you specifically instruct us to keep your stealth project under covers). We will also immediately put you in touch with the investors interested in your idea.

We will also supply you with access to our iXcelerator platform that will help you with the search for investors, pitching to them and more.

Why would we do that? That’s because we’re very interested in your success. This will get us paid, make a great showcase, and, hopefully, make you our long-term client.

Absolutely! Any information that will help us better understand your idea and your goals is hugely helpful. We don’t promise you that we will build exact replica of your vision as a part of this offer though. Our version of your product will be fully functional, it will implement the features we will agree on, but it may deviate from the design you provided.

The main goal of the first version of the product is to get traction and bring the investor onboard. We will focus on that goal and deliver the solution that will fulfill this goal. 

After that milestone, you will have the money to implement your exact vision and we will keep working with you to do that.

Things happen. For example, 2023 was especially devastating for the startup community. Sometimes you do everything you can and that still won’t make your potential investor happy. 

In this case you won’t owe us nothing. The only money you would spend on the first version of your app are the $100 you paid us in the beginning of our engagement. 

At that point, we would have spent a significant amount of our resources (both time and money) on building this prototype and got nothing in return. For this reason, we will keep this work and use it for our purposes (primarily marketing and reusing parts of it for other projects). You will still have a chance to get it back into your ownership once you pay us the amount specified in our contract.

Absolutely!! It’s a business and in business everything is negotiable. If we both will like the idea of working together on your idea, we will make our agreement work for mutual benefit.

We will provide you not only with the software, but also with the hosting. The system will be backed with enough servers both for the demo and getting the first users you will need to demonstrate the traction. We will also ensure the system security and even can represent you in the technical conversations with the investor. Basically, we will do all we can to make sure your startup is a success.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to sign your NDA until much later in our development. The reason is the same as why no investors will sign an NDA with you — they physically can’t. Just like any investor, I’m talking to dozens of startups about joining this program. If I sign an NDA with each of them from the getgo, I’ll quickly cover the entire world of possibilities with overlapping and conflicting NDAs.

Also, let’s get real. It’s 2024, and anything and everything you could think of has already been tried by many others. With over 8 billion people in the world, at the exact moment when you’re inventing your unique genius idea, there are at least 10 other people who have already thought it through, and possibly even developed a product around it. As of 2024, 99.9(99)% of ideas are worth exactly $0.00, possibly even less. If you still believe that your idea is so unique that you cannot disclose it without an NDA, you have two options:
1. Find a different way to build your MVP. Unfortunately, I can’t assist you with this.
2. Take the risk of discussing as much of your idea as necessary to finalize the Agreement. Once the Agreement is signed, I’ll sign your NDA as well and will ask you to sign my NDA. Please understand, that just like you are, I’m taking a risk by working with you. I’m investing my own time, the time of my colleagues, and my money into building your MVP without a guaranteed return. After all, building a startup is all about taking risks and living with the consequences.

We plan to keep this offer indefinitely, but the conditions will change over time to regulate the demand (it appeared to be much higher than we anticipated!). We plan to re-evaluate our capacity and demand after a few first projects and then, likely, the price will go up to lower the demand. We also plan to ask for equity after first batch of successful projects.

Please contact us via either LinkedIn or this website, we will be happy to answer any questions. Please also keep checking this page from time to time as we continue updating it with the most common/popular questions.
Please contact us via either LinkedIn or this website and let’s talk about your idea!
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