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US Counties

US Counties provides data analytics for the United States of America at the county level, across all aspects of everyday life. This includes

  • All aspects of housing (rent, SFH price, price increase etc)
  • Climate, including the global warming effects
  • Geography
  • Economy and taxes
  • Laws
  • and more.

This project helps individuals, researchers, data journalists, and policymakers to explore the United States in all its diversity.

Introducing US Counties

Who this app is for?
Everglades, FL

You have probably seen posts like “Florida is the Best State for Retirement” or “Delaware is the Best State to Start a Business” … But what do they mean when they say that Florida is good for retirement? Are they referring to the Everglades or Miami? Is it equally good for someone who has $10B in their bank account or just $1000?

These ratings are meaningless, because they are too broad and written for a very specific group of people.

Unlike these ratings, Craftus’ US Counties helps you find the part of the US that meets your personal criteria, whether it be retirement, travel, relocation, starting a new business, or socioeconomic research. And the best part is that it narrows your search down to 3000+ individual counties, not just 50 states and 16 territories.

Miami, FL

Curious Individuals

Individuals seeking to explore the diversity of the United States and find areas that fit their personal preferences to explore them


People with power vested to them by people, who are looking to leverage advanced data analytics to better life of their constituents 


Researchers working on identifying patterns and correlations between different factors of US economy, geography, laws and more


Enterprises looking to leverage data analytics to better understand markets, customer needs and trends as well as build custom data analytics tools

IMPORTANT: USCounties Analytics is neither licensed  nor is not providing any financial, real estate, legal or investment advice. It is purely an analytical tool putting dozens of statistics about the United States at your fingertips. We use all types of sources, including free, public and commercial which you can combine, review and use at your own discretion. Where possible, the source of the data is provided and you can find more detailed information about the methodology at the source.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, of try US Counties on your own.

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