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Craftus designs, implements and maintains complex information technology systems. We develop solutions collecting, processing and visualizing vast volumes of data. We offer our clients extensive experience in machine learning, custom hardware design, IoT, augmented and virtual reality and security.


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We do not spend endless hours perfecting the design, only to realize in the end that it's either missing the touch with reality or already obsolete.

Instead, we interview the people who will be actually using the final product and give them the first prototype in days, not months.

Then, we keep working with the future users perfecting the product and making sure they love it.

You may have heard from a lot of companies “We are Agile, our scrum masters are updating Microsoft project plan after each daily scrum” …

Craftus doesn’t use Agile. We live Agile. And we don’t use or update Microsoft Project Plan daily. Our status report is always up to date and available to the users 24×7 automagically.

I highly recommend Craftus, LLC for any software development project. Their agile development approach, full transparency, focus on security, meeting all deadlines, excellent communication skills, and great problem-solving skills make them an outstanding partner for any business endeavor.
Benjamin Taub
CEO of 411Labs, Inc.

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Our Style

You will get the first functional MVP version of your project in days, not months. And then we will keep making it better.


Our Approach

Our approach is "Do it once. Perfect it. Repeat." We perfect our solutions and then reuse the best practices across all clients.

Our Deliverables

We deliver working products and effective solutions, not meaningless meetings and useless presentations.                

Our Mission

Craftus wants to make the world a better place. Don't we all? We do it one step at a time by solving our clients' problems.      

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IoT Solutions

Need to gather IoT data, aggregate it, visualize, share it with your clients and set up automated alerts? We can do it!

Data Analytics

Need to develop a custom complex data analytics web app? We can do it!

Process Automation

Need to automate a bunch of complex processes? We can do it!


Looking for a way to optimize your business using AL/ML? We can do it!

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