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Need a Custom Data Analytics Solution?
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If you’re wondering why you would need one, think about your daily schedule and how much time you spend every day on tasks such as

  • reviewing Excel spreadsheets from accounting and trying to correlate it with the data from HR
  • understanding why your KPIs went down and if there are any correlations between them
  • evaluating your employees’ performance or writing a monthly performance review
  • checking the changes in expenditures and correlating with everything from above
  • checking what’s going on with website analytics and comparing to the server performance

This list goes on and on, no matter if you’re a CxO, director, manager, or anyone drowning in a ton of information coming from different sources.

Now Imagine a System That

Collects the data from multiple sources

Whether it’s an API of any kind, a database, a data lake, a web page, a file or anything else, you can retrieve this data with the powerful data intake engine. It also accepts data pushed into the system, so you can hook it up to IoT as a data source too, for example

Combines and processes the data

After the data is in the system, you can process it the way you need. This includes AI, statistical analysis, algorithmic processing and ultra-fast big data pipelining. You can also combine data from multiple sources to get a single view of a heterogeneous system

Visualizes the data

The result will be represented as one of dozens widget types, including 2D, 3D, AR and VR. The widgets will be assembled into a dashboard and then linked to each other, providing a seamless user experience

Lets you act on the data

For each slice of the data selected on the dashboard you will be able to execute a custom action of your choice, export the data for external processing or use as a news input for your visualization

Publishes the data you choose

If needed and permitted by multiple layers of data security, you can share the result with your colleagues as an interactive widget, dashboard or static report. You can also embed it on any page

Built by Craftus in weeks, not years

And the best part is that Craftus will take care of all these steps, so the only thing you will need to do is to specify what data you’re using and how it should be presented to you

And here is another great option

Craftus also offers white-labeling of the data analytics solutions, so that you can resell the result under your own brand
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