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The Final Frontier
Craftus Space DataAnalytics

Space is not as empty as it seems. Since the beginning of the space age in 1957, humans have launched thousands of rockets and satellites into orbit, leaving behind a trail of junk that poses a threat to our future in space.

This problem is expected to worsen as more countries and companies launch more satellites for various purposes.

Craftus Space Analytics (CSA) visualizes tens of thousands space objects, providing analysis of this alarming situation.

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What Makes it Different?

There are other public resources showing the space objects in the internet, like
https://www.n2yo.com/, http://celestrak.org/, and https://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/spacebirds/.
What makes Craftus Space Analytics (CSA) stand out?

High Performance

CSA offers unprecedented performance visualizing up to several hundred thousand objects at once without any slowdown to its real-time capabilities.

Intuitive UX

Craftus Space Analytics' unique interface provides an intuitive way to see all key data analytics at a glance and act on them in a user-friendly interface.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Bringing the space analytics into 2023, CSA also offers their outstanding experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality, offering new ways to explore the data.

In-depth Space Object Preview

CSA integrates multiple open data sources to offer you an instant preview of the publicly known information about the object, such as its origin, features, and 3D preview.

Interested in Using Craftus Space Analytics?

Craftus invites space industry professionals, investors, experts, and enthusiasts to collaborate on the development of Craftus Space Analytics (CSA) and use its incredible features to raise awareness of the space debris problem. We also welcome interested parties to cooperate in developing into a versatile space knowledge tool that can be used in all aspects of the space industry.

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